Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Start

Graduating with my History of Art degree, I returned to Karachi feeling much of an outsider to the art world here. How to become part of what so many people have referred to me as the ‘art circuit’ is still a conundrum for me. But after spending the last month hopelessly trying to find the right way in, I have decided to start with this art blog.

Its purpose is simple: to keep updated with the latest art happenings in town, post reviews of various exhibitions and perhaps most importantly to start discussions on the key issues emerging in contemporary Pakistani art. For example, the voracity with which local artists are availing new critical methods, deconstructing socio-political issues and transnational identities are aspects which, at the very least, deserve comment. I hope to undertake an active consideration of their art works, resisting simplistic conclusions and binary thinking, paralleling the contemporary artists’ resistance to homogenous categorisations. There is a real dearth of critical writing being done on Pakistani art, especially from within Pakistan, and I hope those who read my blog will share their opinions and further the discussions.